Production Music Live Mixing A Track From Start To Finish TUTORiAL

Production Music Live Mixing A Track From Start To Finish TUTORiAL

Production Music Live Mixing A Track From Start To Finish TUTORiAL

What is the musical idea of the song. Setting up your session for a great mixing workflow, order of tracks, grouping, creating busses. Identifying the most important section and instruments in your song.


Avoid Common Mixing Errors
Referencing, “louder sounds better”-trap, finding the right mixing volume, subtractive vs additive EQ, dithering, phasing, awareness for resonances caused by your environment and many more.

Bass Layers & Sub Bass Separation
Why mono bass, separating sub frequencies, kick-bass side-chaining techniques, multiband side-chaining, dynamic EQ, etc.

Complete Mixing Process
After finding a first balance and an order for our mixing process we’re working our way through cleaning, gain staging, eqing, compressing, sound enhancing, bussing, balancing the track step by step, working our way down from the most important elemtents.

How the compressor works and is applied in the mixing stage, drum and bass compression, side-chain compression, multiband compression, parallel compression, New-York compression, limiting

Dealing with resonances, learn to avoid upward spirals of EQ boosting, best practise to avoid frequency masking, why we favor cuts over boosts, why to use shelf filters before peak filters, before notch filters, mid-side EQ, etc.

Covering Theoretical Background
Phase cancellation, room treatment, law of the first wavefront, how our ears sense the direction and distance of sound, Fletcher-Munson Curve, anti-phase

Sweetening to taste
Adding sound enhancing elements, like send reverbs, stereo effects, slap delays on our vocals, haas effect, etc.

You’re learning to:
– Avoid common mixing errors and psycho-acoustic traps
– Prepare your Ableton Session for a great mixing workflow
– Use EQ to make room and properly place elements
– Utilize compressors to add or remove dynamics
– Use saturation & distortion to add upper harmonics to the mix
– Properly split your bass freqencies for sub-separation
– Identify the right song-part to start mixing
– Mix with Ableton stock plugins
– Mix instruments, drums and bass with EQ, compression, etc
– Correctly use groups, send effects and audio while mixing
– Master the fundamentals and theories of sound perception

What you are getting:
– A complete start-to-finish mixing process on a state of the art pop-house track
– 40+ Studio sessions with Francois / Production Music Live
– 5h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access
– Slides / cheat sheets collection you can always quickly turn to
– Bonus: Ableton Project (instrumental) used in this couse (using Ableton Live 9 Standard + NI Massive 1.3.xx (or higher))
– Bonus: More sessions (and requests) to be added over time


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