Zynaptiq UNCHIRP v1.2.0-R2R

Zynaptiq UNCHIRP v1.2.0-R2RUNCHIRP is a plug-in for removing the most obnoxious artifacts associated with lossy audio encoding and other FFT based processes, such as spectral de-noising. Reduce musical noise, suppress high frequency chirping (also known as underwater sound, warbling or the tweeties), fix transient smearing, and restore lost high frequencies – UNCHIRP does it all in one go. If you need to salvage poorly encoded music, speech that has gone through a low bit rate uplink, material that has been de-noised too strongly, or footage recorded with consumer mobile devices – or if you simply want to add contour and vibrance to already great sounding recordings – UNCHIRP is your (only) friend.

The UNCHIRP features at a glance:

Suppression of high frequency “chirping” artifacts.
Reduction of “musical noise” artifacts.
Transient Synthesis to augment or replace smeared, over-limited or otherwise compromised transients.
Psycho-Acoustically optimized Treble Boost circuit with Enhance and Excite modes.
Break-Point Curve Editor based frequency-dependent processing.
Side-only algorithm mode for working with joint-stereo encoded material.
HD algorithm mode for increased quality processing with higher CPU load (off-line processing recommended).
SYNC parameter allows processing to be synchronized to signal transients for increasing clarity.
Output limiter for unsupervised use in batch processing applications.
Highly time-efficient workflow and UI.


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