Zenhiser Plush Organic House WAV

Zenhiser Plush Organic House WAVSophisticated to a level of opulence, ‘Plush – Organic House’ will have your studio wrapped in cashmere, your speakers bellowing buttery smooth beats and your presence elevated to dinner jacket status.

It is literally packed full of high end sounds, loops, stems, one shots and midi that will last way longer than other packs expiry dates. Sumptuous sounds reminiscent of labels including All Day I Dream, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Ruvenzori, TRYBESof, Melody Of the Soul and Hoomidaas makes up the abundance of this sample pack. Using a fusion of Digital and real world sounds including the use of manipulated pots and pans fuses the character and ambience of these sounds like no other, they are simply that tasteful and plush.

The name simply speaks for itself, ‘Plush – Organic House’ is pure aural hedonism. Play anything from the pack through your studio for blissful, sumptuous satisfaction.

•Song Starter / Stem Songs x5
•Includes basslines, drums, brass leads, synths, chords, strings, guitars, fx – 45
•Drum Hits – 01 Kick – 25
•Drum Hits – 02 Hi Hat – 25
•Drum Hits – 03 Clap – 25
•Drum Hits – 04 Snare – 25
•Drum Hits – 05 Percussion – 30
•Drum Hits – 06 Ride – 10
•Drum Hits – 07 Cymbal – 15
•Loops – Bassline – 25
•Loops – Drum Beat – 75
•Loops – Full Mix – 25
•Loops – Instrument – 90
•One Shots – Bass – 25
•One Shots – FX – 50
•One Shots – Synth – 25


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