W.A Production NeonGlow v1.0.0b2 [WIN]

W.A Production NeonGlow v1.0.0b2

Neon Glow by Arcade
Luminous Lo-fi

Step into the retro world of Lo-Fi and far beyond, with Neon Glow, the plugin that infuses any audio with neon-soaked vibes. This sonic sensation, crafted in collaboration with FL Studio ambassador Arcade, conjures a signature vintage feel at the flick of a switch.

With Neon Glow, you’re not just adding effects; you’re immersing your tracks in soaking wet and diffused processing. Bathe your instruments in the distinctive ambience of smoky arcade nights – from warm, hazy pads, to the saturated delays of synths and percussion. But don’t just stop at individual instruments. Neon Glow’s versatility knows no bounds with Build and Wash controls that can send an entire mix into new sonic galaxies.

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