ValhallaDSP bundle 2024.3 [WIN]

ValhallaDSP bundle 2024.3

Here at Valhalla, we are driven by our mission. We are here to make inspiring and accessible world-class audio effects you can count on for years to come. These best practices guide us every day.

FreqEcho v1.2.0 – free freqshifter delay
Delay v2.5.0 – tape/BBD/digital/pitch delay
Plate v1.6.3 – classic plate reverb
Room v2.0.5 – true stereo algorithmic reverb
Shimmer v1.2.2 – pitchshifting reverb
SpaceModulator v1.1.6 – free flanger
Supermassive v3.0.0 – free space FX (delay/reverb/modulation)
ÜberMod v1.1.6 – mutlitap delay & modulation
VintageVerb v4.0.5 – classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970s and 1980s.


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