United Plugins Bundle 2023 Update Patched [WiN]

United Plugins Bundle 2023 Update PatchedYes, that’s us. United Plugins. The word „United“ in the company name represents the way we got together and the way we create. This means we are a federation of small independent developing teams that all consist of people previously involved in the Music Industry business.


FireCharger v2.7 – Charge your sound to max
FireCobra v2.7 – Intelligence in Audio Enhancing
FireMaster v2.7 – The Cherry on Top
FireMaximizer v1.1 – Nitro power for your mixes
FirePresser v2.8 – One to Rule Them All

Instant Audio:
QuickAG v3.2 – Bigger, better, brighter, smoothe
QuickBass v2.2 – It’s all about that bass (and some treble)

JMG Sound:
BITPUNK v1.1 – We don’t give a damn about a slogan
Cryostasis v1.3 – Freeze Time Forever
Expanse 3D v1.7 – Sound deeper, wider and bigger!
Hyperspace v2.7 – Shortcut to the New Universe
Mirror v1.7 – Reflections of the Future
Nanopulse v1.2 – The Power of Attack
Orbitron v1.7 – The Revolution in Modulation
Retronaut v1.2 – Explore the past
Transmutator v2.7 – The Art of Crossfading

Bassment v1.5 – Bass is the base
Bassment Core v1.2 – The basics of Bassment
Electrum v1.9 – The Mother of All Guitar Amps
Electrum Core v1.9 – The lightweight guitar solution
MorphVerb v2.7 – I’m Every Reverb

Soundevice Digital:
Autoformer v2.9 – Colour, Polish, Finish
DIFIX v3.1 – Fix your recording hardware imperfection
FrontDAW v2.7 – Turn Your DAW Mixer into an Analogue Desk
MasterMind v1.5 – The shortest way from mix to master
Plamen v1.1 – Sculpture your saturation
Pluralis v1.2 – Out of one, many
Royal Compressor v2.7 – The Return of the King
Subbass Doctor 808 v2.7 – Treat Your SubBass Right
TrapTune v1.5 – Automatic tuner for Trap and more…
UniChannel v1.8 – Inspiration in variety
Urban Puncher v1.9 – Energize your loops
Verbum Entropic Hall v3.0 – The Beauty Is in Chaos
VoxDucker v1.5 – Mix voiceovers instantly
Voxessor v2.7 – Let your voice be heard


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