Ueberschall Latin Summer ELASTIK

Ueberschall Latin Summer ELASTIKFeel-Good Party Grooves
Latin Summer delivers a tasty blend of danceable grooves, spiced with a Latin feel that’s taken directly from the smoothest of street or beach parties. Infectious electronic beats, laced with live percussion, are locked in with cool bass lines. It’s a combination that’s guaranteed to keep your audience moving. This rhythm section is perfectly complemented by syncopated piano, synth and guitars. Put these elements together and Latin Summer provides the perfect party grooves.

Blend Of Electronic And Organic Sounds
Featuring 3.5 GB of sample data and 751 individual loops, the ten construction kits each contain 3 or 4 musical sections. Tempos are focused within a dance-friendly 110 to 134 BPM range. Individual loops are up to 32 seconds in length. Each of the constructions kits therefore offers plenty of performance options, making it easy to create full-length tracks.

Authentic Latin Flavours
Latin Summer features a blend of programmed electronic drums and live acoustic percussion. The electronic elements include kicks, snares, rims, hihats, claps and cymbals, while the acoustic elements include congas, agogo, triangle, claves, timba, surdo, cowbell, timbales, shaker, guiro and tambourine. Pre-mixed ready-to-use drum loops are provided, as well as single track loops for each individual element allowing you to customize your own drum and percussion mix. Bass lines are provided by a combination of groovy electric and fat synth bass. The rest of the instrumentation is drawn from synths, pads, arpeggios, electric and acoustic pianos, electric and acoustic guitars, trumpets, saxophones, kalimba and marimba. Sound FX and riser/transition effects are also included.

Perfect For A Summer Beach Party
For producers, song writers or media composers looking for authentic Latin flavours with an uptempo, feel-good, party vibe, Latin Summer is an ideal starting point to inspire your next project. It’s also the perfect complement to other Elastik libraries such as Cumbia Digital, Latin Brasil Beats, Brasil Nova, Bossa Nova, Batucada or Percussion. Latin Summer will help you kick start any party.

Production: J.Holo, Uwe Kinast.
Electric Bass: Jürgen Attig.
Trumpet: Gary Winters.
Saxophone: David Milzow.
Guitars: UK, Mr. X.
Percussion: Nene Vasquez


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