Togu Audio Line TAL-DAC v2.0.2 Incl Keygen [WIN+MAC+LIN]-R2R

Togu Audio Line TAL-DAC v2.0.2 Incl Keygen [WIN+MAC+LIN]-R2RTAL-DAC brings back the character and sound of the 80’s samplers and Lo-Fi devices in one effect plug-in. You can use it for subtle sound changes but also extreme effects.

It adds character and grit to your drum, synth, or sampled sounds. The plug-in also offers a saturation stage on the input and one in the DAC section.

Recording stage with input volume control and soft clipper (adds odd harmonics).
Variable recording sample rate (500 Hz-48000Hz).
Variable recording bit-depth (4bit-16bit) with different algorithms (mu-law, mu-law delta, linear).
Reconstruction section with different reconstruction methods (hold, variable, linear, S1000/sinc).
Very steep reconstruction filters (optional).
AMP drive (add’s even and odd harmonics to the signal).
A high- and low shelf filter (12dB).
Optional 8x oversampling for non linear components (AMP and input clipper).


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