TBProAudio ST1 v2.1.3 WIN MAC Regged-R2R

TBProAudio ST1 v2.1.3 WIN MAC Regged-R2R

ST1 is a simple tool that lets you control the width and the panorama of a stereo audio signal. It includes a mono-to-stereo function, a stereo field enhancer, a rich panning knob that includes spectral panning, and a bass-focus feature. The phase and correlation meter visually monitors the panning position and stereo width.

Phase meter
Correlation meter
Adjustable mono to stereo converter
Variable stereo width
Automatable pan knob with variable pan law and many comfort functions
Spectral panning
Bass focus
Preset management
Many useful presets
Large and easy to use GUI
free GUI scaling
64-bit internal processing
Very low CPU usage
product needs to be activated with license key
free update for ST1 customers
demo version available


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