Steinberg Cubase Pro v13.0.30 [WIN]

Steinberg Cubase Pro v13.0.30Do you want to start creating your own music, bring your production up to a professional level, or streamline your workflow for short deadlines? Whatever you need, Cubase helps you to reach your full creative potential. From Hollywood blockbuster composers and Billboard Hot 100 producers right through to keen beginners, the world of music production trusts the comprehensive feature set, straightforward tools and unrivaled sound of our acclaimed music production software.

Cubase 13.0.30

### What’s new?

March 20, 2024 — The Cubase 13.0.30 maintenance update is now available. The update introduces many fixes and improvements in several areas of the application. Instantly noticeable are the improvements to the user interface. We have carefully analyzed the user feedback after the release and made several refinements, mostly in the MixConsole and the Project window. Another major improvement is the change to the project file format which now allows file sizes of more than 2GB.

### User interface improvements

13.0.30 introduces further user interface refinements that improve readability and the overall look and feel in several areas.

Most of the refinements can be found in the MixConsole and in the track list of the Project window. You will notice that we have reduced the brightness of the white font, icons, and other elements to lower the contrast on dark backgrounds. We have refined the visual appearance of several elements to streamline the user interface and improve the usability when highlighting selected tracks or channels. The inversion of text and icon colors is now more consistent.

There is also a new option “Track Name Font Weight” in the Event Display > Tracks page of the Preferences dialog that allows you to select between “bold” and “regular” font weight for the track name in the track list of the Project window. We have kept “bold” as the default for now, but please give the “regular” setting a try and let us know what you think.

### Changes to the project file format

The original specifications of the Cubase and Nuendo project file format (*.cpr and *.npr) were not conceived for project files larger than 2 GB. As a result of technical progress, such as ARA support, and of an increased complexity of VST plug-ins, more and more data was stored in the project files by the plug-ins, causing an increase of the file size. Unfortunately, project files that exceeded the size of 2 GB may have gotten corrupted when saved. In practice, the issue occurred just rarely.

With Cubase 13.0.30 we introduce a change to the project file format to support much larger file sizes. Cubase will now detect automatically whether to use the previous (32-bit) format or the new (64-bit) project file format. When the project file size requires the 64-bit format to be used, you will be informed via a dialogue.

64-bit project files will be only be compatible with Cubase 13.0.30 or higher. It will not be possible to open 64-bit projects in earlier versions (i.e. 13.0.20) or generations (i.e. Cubase 12). Once a project file is saved in 64-bit format it cannot be converted back to 32-bit.

You can find more details and tips to reduce the project file size here:

### We have improved the following features and functionality


Zooming while playback does no longer cause undesired scroll position jumps.

Audio Quantize using phase-coherent warp is now applied immediately

–       Audio events no longer get silent after VariAudio editing.

Track Import

Tempo tracks and signature tracks can now only be imported when the target project transport is in ” Bars and Beats” mode.

The track import function now supports range import of a signature track.

The track import function now supports range import of a tempo track.


On Windows, the Hub now provides a dedicated Quit button for closing the program

A MIDI track routed to a VST instrument now shows both the audio return volume fader and the MIDI volume fader in the Track Inspector.

The “Fixed number of slots” option has been removed from the MixConsole Functions menu and replaced by the “Show all available Slots for…” in the context menus of the Inserts, Sends, Cue Sends, Direct Routing, and Quick Controls sections in the MixConsole, the Track and the Channel Inspector. The settings are stored globally and are also used for linked MixConsoles. For the Lower Zone MixConsole, the option is always active.

Cubase now supports the MPE MIDI Device “Expressive E Osmose” as Note Expression Input Device.

Cubase can now retrieve the Origin Time from .wav files with embedded markers that are written by Wavelab.

VST Instruments now play correctly when sending note events with a velocity value of “1”.

Device Panels now work correctly on Instrument tracks.

On Mac OS, the Direct Offline Processing window is now resizing correctly when selecting plug-ins in the process list, or when selecting different clips.

Reordering attributes in the result area of the Naming Scheme dialog now works as expected.

Project folders created by the user are kept when closing a project without saving.

Freezing of several tracks works as expected, even if one of the tracks has no events.

User Pattern Banks for “Beat Designer” can be now properly browsed and loaded.

The result list in the Media Rack now retains its key navigation focus when controlling something in the preview section (e.g. volume).

We have improved the handling for selecting Audio Click Outputs in the Metronome Setup window.

Already existing MIDI CCs recorded in “Step” mode are no longer reduced when recorded in “Ramp” mode later.

Changing amp models in the “AmpSimulator” plug-in now works correctly.

The VST MultiPanner can now be controlled from EuCon-based control surfaces.

We have improved the handling of sections when selecting specific tools via key commands and “Expand Sections Exclusively” is enabled in the Sample Editor.

The “Input Transformer” is now available for sampler tracks.


The Pre/Post Fader divider for the Inserts section can now be moved again behind the last visible slot.

The “Show CR in Master” and “Show CR in Loudness” state is now remembered and always reset to off when tabs have been switched in the Control Room.

Entering values for track “Volume” parameters on tracks connected to VCA Faders now works as expected.

Option for “Always On Top” is now back in the Channel Settings window.

Track/Channel “Solo exclusive” mode now works as expected.

User interface

We have improved the visual status indication for Track Control “Switch time base between Musical and Linear”.

Selecting a multi-out instrument return in the track list now correctly updates the Channel Inspector to show the specific return channel instead of the main instrument channel.

The “Edit Instruments” button can now also close an opened VST Instrument window.

The name font of folder tracks now inverts its color in selection state correctly.

shortened to show the most important part if there is not enough space to display the entire name.

We fixed a user interface layout issue in the Metronome Setup dialog.

The Stereo Panner in the Fader section is now expanding in height as in previous versions.

We have increased the font size in the result lists of the MediaBay.


We have improved the stability in the following areas:

when loading projects from former Cubase versions like e.g. Cubase 12

when attempting to open “Time Stretch” as Direct Offline Process

when undoing Audio Warp editing

when performing repeated Audio Warp editing

when attempting to use “Render In Place” on tracks with the RoomWorks plug-in inserted


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