Robert Henke Granulator III 1.1 (Ableton Live 12)

Robert Henke Granulator III 1.1 (Ableton Live 12)

The third iteration of the original Granulator instrument

Granulator III is a completely new instrument in my Granulator series, developed by me and some passionate people at Ableton. It comes with many exciting features, such as full support for MPE, an extensive modulation matrix, a streamlined UI, a powerful revised capture feature, which enables you to record any sound source directly into the instrument, without the need of using another device, a monophonic mode, and an abundance of other carefully crafted details. This page is under development, and will soon have more content, such as sound examples, presets, tutorial videos, and more. Please come back later to discover more! Granulator III needs Ableton Live 12 Suite to run and can be downloaded from You need to be logged in to your user account to access the download link.


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