PreSonus Studio One 6 Professional v6.6.0 Incl Keygen-R2R

PreSonus Studio One 6 Professional v6.6.0 Incl Keygen-R2R Everything you need to record, produce, mix, master, and perform.
Studio One 6 makes creating fast and easy with new Smart Templates, intuitive drag-and-drop workflow, a customizable user interface and powerful, integrated tools.

Version 6.6 Release Notes (April 2, 2024):

New Features and Improvements:
● New publishing and Digital Release option “Upload to TuneCore” (TuneCore Client) for direct distribution on major social media and streaming platforms
● Support for Dolby Atmos composite beds (extending 5.1 and 7.1 beds with up to 6 top surround channels using objects)
● Mute/Solo function for Dolby Atmos bed channels in Dolby Atmos Renderer window
● [macOS] Apple Spatial Audio Binaural Monitoring Support
● [macOS] Support for Apple AirPods Pro/Max head-tracking and PHRTF (Personalized Head-Related Transfer Function)
● Macro Toolbar and Macro support on Project Page and Show Page
● Improved Lyrics Display on Song Page and Show Page
● New virtual instrument “Lead Architect” (included in Studio One+)
● Pause/Resume content downloads in Transfers window
● New recording template for Fender Tone Master Pro
● Improved VST compatibility – Please update your plug-ins to the latest version!
● Improved DAWproject compatibility
● [Linux] New API for 3rd party developers to implement plug-in GUIs under Wayland
New commands:
● Arranger Track
– Goto Section
● Gadgets (Extensions)
– TuneCore Client
● Show
– Select Player
– Select Setlist Item 1
● View
– Macros
● Dolby Atmos
– Toggle Speaker Format
– Speaker Format 9.1.6 o Speaker Format 7.1.4
– Speaker Format 7.1
– Speaker Format 5.1.4
– Speaker Format 5.1.2
– Speaker Format 5.1
– Speaker Format Stereo
– Speaker Format Dolby Atmos Binaural
– Speaker Format Apple Spatial Audio
– Toggle Headphone Format
– Toggle Renderer
– Toggle 3D View Free
– Toggle 3D View Front
– Toggle 3D View Left
– Toggle 3D View Right
– Toggle 3D View Top
The following issues have been fixed:
● “Add Insert to Selected Channels” command fails after using “Add Bus for Selected Channels” command in Macro
● Adding, removing, and zooming a large number of tracks is very slow
● [Ampire] Audible pop when exporting mixdown
● [Ampire] Random gain values in different amps
● [Audio Batch Converter] Export doesn’t reflect processing of “Repair Sample Rate”
● Audio Bend context menu items duplicated when multiple songs open
● Automation doesn’t follow when packed to Folder Track
● [Impact XT] Can’t replace sample, add, or clear pad when Impact kit isn’t found
● Channel level meter not entirely visible when Record or Monitor enabled
● CPU Spikes when changing track input in a song with several tracks and channels
● Crash when selecting Folder Track and main out Automation Track, followed by “Duplicate Track” command
● Crash when switching between songs with pinned editor 2
● Ctrl+Click on track name deletes track
● [macOS] Default “Delete Time” command [Alt][Cmd][D] conflicts with macOS shortcut for “Show/hide Dock”
● Dragging plug-in to Folder Track creates new track
● Dragging event with crossfade only shows topmost fade when track is in “Play Overlaps” mode
● Dropping instrument to bottom of Folder Track is tricky
● Export mono track to stem doesn’t respect panning
● First metronome click is muted occasionally
● Folder grouping deletes previous group assignments
● Folder name and color for newly added busses are lost
● Importing a Track Template with chord data alters Chord Track
● Incorrect crossfades with record mode “Replace”
● Lock Pan to Channel state is not recalled
● Locked tracks ignore locking with “Transpose Instrument Tracks” command
● [Channel Strip Collection] Loud pop when enabling VT1
● Lyrics overlap in Score View after extending Instrument Part
● Lyrics stop scrolling while recording
● [macOS native Apple Silicon] Expander only processing on first playback in some cases
● [macOS] [Score Editor] Potential crash on zooming
● [macOS] Adjusting pan and volume is glitchy during playback
● [macOS] Lag when resizing Spectrum Meter
● [macOS] Poor multithreading behavior on export
● [macOS] Potential crash when opening plug-in GUI from Inspector during playback
● [macOS] Redraw errors on closing embedded ARA Editor
● [macOS] Resizing fails for certain VST3 plug-ins
● [MIDI Monitor] Port name not entirely visible with long device name
● MIDI file import is comparably slow with larger files
● MP3 export slow for no apparent reason
● [Multiband Dynamics] Erratic multichannel behavior when GUI is closed
● Multisample File (.multisample) not loading samples in Sample One when imported from Bitwig Studio
● Piano sustain playback cut off momentarily when soloing / un-soloing Instrument Tracks
● Playback is not possible for first recorded note in bar 1
● Plug-in header not wide enough to show side-chain in some cases
● Rename and color macro doesn’t work for busses
● “Replace FX Chain” replaces wrong FX Chain (FX Chain is not updated correctly)
● [Score Editor] Final bar value can’t be changed by dragging the mouse 3
● [Score Editor] Triplets are not spaced equally
● Selection of Bus Channel doesn’t instantly follow when connecting a Folder Track
● [Show Page] Arpeggiator stops when transport is relocated
● Solo state is not recalled in Mixer Scenes
● Song export to MIDI is slowed down in certain cases
● [Sound Variations Editor] Scroll bar not usable in certain cases
● Studio One cannot connect to certain iPads to send data to Notion
● Time signature is not created at certain cursor positions
● “Track Archive” import from Cubase misses pan automation
● Track name is overlapping track icon if automation is shown
● [Transport] Adjusting tempo by dragging shows extra decimal places
● “View – Editor” command does not set focus correctly when used inside macro
● [Vocoder] Read automation not working for “Hold” parameter
● [Windows] Object Panner “Edit Pan Automation” pop up is awkward to handle
● [Linux] Add-on activation fails or crashes in certain situations
● [Linux] ALSA control panel doesn’t update values
● [Linux] ALSA MIDI output ports don’t auto-connect
● [Linux] ALSA MIDI timing is inaccurate
● [Linux] Ports aren’t updated when hot-plugging ALSA MIDI devices
● [Linux] Potential freeze when using Pipewire-JACK
● [Linux] Incorrect timestamps for outgoing JACK MIDI events
● [Linux] Can’t switch to 64 bit (double) precision processing option
● [Linux] Browser: “Show in File Manager” does nothing
● [Linux] Browser: Files > Volumes doesn’t list any drives
● [Linux] Ctrl+Tab doesn’t cycle through open songs and Start Page
● [Linux] Document file name and modification state not displayed in main window
● [Linux] PreSonus ioStation 24c integration not entirely functional
● [Linux] Potential crash on export to MP3
● [Linux] Ranges of vertical zoom sliders are shifted
● [Linux] Studio One won’t run under Sway Wayland Compositor
● [Linux] VST3 plug-ins show empty window instead of generic controls
● [Linux] Windows overlap desktop borders in dual screen setup


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