PinkNoise Studio LEMON v1.40 KONTAKT

PinkNoise Studio LEMON v1.40 KONTAKT

PinkNoise Studio LEMON v1.40 KONTAKT

LEMON Kontakt edition is a Kontakt sound library* based on the sounds of three Waldorf synthsizers: Attack, Nave and the Q.

LEMON can be considered as a little brother of ORANGE, but while ORANGE focuses on the wavetable synthesis, LEMON gives you more traditional synth sounds, with the unique colour of Waldorf synths that made them famous in the last decades.
Please note that we have used these synths only as raw materials: we have exploited the specific features of Kontakt and we have created a vivid, live sounding library that can contribute many inspirations to your music.


• 221 Kontakt patches in 7 categories
– [All layers] – 70
-Arp & Sequence – 22
-Atmosphere & Pad – 33
-Bass & Lead (poly) – 32
-Drumkit – 20
-Key & PolySynth – 26
-Monosynth – 18

• 1.96 GB stereo multisamples (1840 wav files)

• 12 midi controllable knobs for realtime tweaking and for midi automation of the most important synth parameters

• extensive editing techniques: multiple velocity layers, alternate triggering and sample starts to achieve fat, lively and vivid synth sounds

 (Size : 1.5 GB)

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