Performance Samples Pacific Ensemble Strings KONTAKT

Performance Samples Pacific Ensemble Strings KONTAKT

Pacific – Ensemble Strings is a symphonic string library featuring 16 violins, 12 violas, 10 cellos, 8 basses, a solo harp, and a 3-violin FFF overlay. It is one part of the full PACIFIC orchestra (ensemble strings, solo strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion). The library – featuring up to 14 dynamics – offers an ambient, classical-leaning sound in standard orchestral seating position, and was recorded in the same room as Fluid Shorts 2, as well as the Con Moto series, Caspian, and the original Fluid Shorts.




~16 Violins (no 2nd violins)
~12 Violas
~10 Cellos
~8 Basses
~Bonus Content
3 Violins FFF Overlay
Lite Full Strings Patches
Solo Harp
Noise Floor WAVs

~16 Violins / 12 Violas / 10 Cellos / 8 Basses
Legato (monophonic) Sustains with Same-Note Repetitions – up to 5 dynamics (on both sustains and intervals, matching)
Sordino Sustains (no legato) – up to 11 dynamics
Whisper Sustains (not on basses) – up to 5 dynamics
Trills (not on basses) – up to 8 dynamics
Tremolos – up to 9 dynamics
Spiccatos – up to 14 dynamics
Pizzicatos – up to 9 dynamics
Marcatos – up to 5 dynamics
FX – Cluster Risers
FX – Cluster Shorts

~Bonus Content
3 Violins
FFF Overlay Legato Sustains

Lite Full Strings Patches
Sordino Sustains
Whisper Sustains (no basses included)
Trills (no basses included)

Solo Harp
Normale – 8 dynamics
Harmonics – 4 dynamics

Noise Floor WAVs

~Recorded in an ambient hall with close and AB (main/far) mics
~48kHz / 24bit
~NCW-compressed, ~32 GB total
~Built for Kontakt 6.6.0 and above – full, retail version of Kontakt required
~Download via Continuata


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