NEOLD_Plugin Alliance Bundle 2024.3.20 [WIN]

NEOLD_Plugin Alliance Bundle 2024.3.20Included:
BIG AL v1.3.0, U17 v1.2.0, U2A v1.1.0, V76U73 v1.3.0, WARBLE v1.3.0, WUNDERLICH v1.0.0
x64: AAX, VST3, VST2 | x86: JBridge

Uninstall previous bundle then just install! This is
because Neold removed x86 support and if you just install
without removing first, your old x86 Neold will remain.

If you want to keep old x86 native, you were just
guided how to do so with the previous sentence.

However: Same AppID as previous release. All binaries
of the same architecture are 1:1 the same and can
be replaced by a symlink renamed to the proper name.

Plugins will show up under “Plugin Alliance” inyour DAW. Enjoy!


*7 .vstpresets added for BIG AL, seemingly created by
George Seara, preset numbers 27-33

TCD’s in-before FAQ: Will this affect my install of other stuff?
No. Can I install this with other stuff? Yes.


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