Luftrum 25 for Waldord Iridium

Luftrum 25 for Waldord Iridium

The Luftrum series returns with a special release containing 84 Waldorf Iridium presets. The soundset is also fully compatible with Waldorf Quantum.
Luftrum 25 has all of the warm analog vibe fans have come to expect, and further injects it through a series of processes, bringing the sounds right up to the cutting edge of synthesis. This esoteric alchemy yields a confluence of textures, both new and familiar.

At its core is an ambient soul with a touch of experimental cinematic vibe. Layered sequences and arpeggios weave through soft pillowy pads, as rich retro basses pulse out their rhythm. Dreamy keys and vibrant plucks twinkle against a backdrop of futuristic immersive soundscapes.
Inspired by the legacy of musicians such as Vangelis, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream and from contemporaries such as Le Matos, Wojciech Golczewski, Steve Roach and Carbon Based Lifeforms, Luftrum 25 pays homage to a history of synthesized music with a definitely modern synth.
All the Waldorf Iridium presets were created through the Iridium’s expansive sonic toolset, along with field recordings and custom sound sources taken from Lunaris and processed using the Iridium’s Particle engine.

Rounding out the set are 15 additional presets created by the sound designer and psybient producer Echo Season, and 8 presets created by UK based electronic ambient producer State Azure, whose presets further push the Iridium’s vast synthesis capabilities.
State Azure did a YouTube performance below using Luftrum 25, so kick back, grab some coffee, and enjoy 28 minutes of transcending electronic music using presets from the set, in combination with external effects and drums. There is also a demo vid by Luftrum covering some of the presets in the set (it’s below the performance vid).
As always, presets are carefully normalized to leave a few decibels of headroom. Each preset features thoughtful Velocity and Modwheel assignments, and for additional expression many presets include Aftertouch, as well as ample use of the Iridium’s XY touchpad. As an optional extra, the set comes with 11 new reverb effect preset. Luftrum 25 requires 151MB of available space on your Iridium/Quantum.

Settle in and enjoy the demo vids below. We think you’ll agree that the Luftrum sound is the perfect match for the forward-thinking Iridium, resulting in sounds that will stay with you and fill your productions with that every elusive je ne sais quoi.
Release notes: Luftrum 25 is created on Waldorf Iridium OS v2.5.0. Please use that version or any later firmware which is released after v2.5.0. All presets are designed with Bass Boost set to Off (only relevant on the Iridium) so click the Master button on Iridium, and turn off Bass Boost before playing, otherwise, presets might sound boomy and muddy.


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