K-Devices Secta v1.0 [WiN+macOS]

K-Devices Secta v1.0

Secta is an audio effect that dynamically splits incoming audio in two sections and processes each with an exclusive kit of effects, sculpting silence, shaping accents and amplifying hidden details, guiding each layer into a parallel sonic dimension. A sound-designer (unforeseen) dream.

Secta is truly something I’ve always wanted! It’s a sound I can now achieve with this one plug-in versus setting up byzantine chains with gates, limiters, multi-band compressors, and gain sequencers to make stuff sound broken.

Building on the concept of a multidimensional gate, Secta processes the audio in a unique way, adding an ephemeral and dramatic touch to acoustic instruments, warmly disintegrating loops, injecting abrupt drops and retexturizing your lines, or throwing down any beat into a dark path of fragmentation.


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