GForce Virtual String Machine Library v3.0.0

GForce Virtual String Machine Library v3.0.0

To coincide with the update of VSM to version 3.0 and to take advantage of the stereo playback now offered, we’ve taken the opportunity to double the size of the VSM Expansion Pack library to nearly 5Gb by including a huge variety of string tones we feel compliment those previously available.

You’ll now find additional string tones from the Mellotron, Orchestron, Roland’s JP-6, JP-8000 and VP-330, the majestic OB 8-Voice and (less majestic) OB-12, along with additions from the Yamaha CS-60 and SY-2. Many of these new sounds have been recorded using various vintage effects to extend their usefulness but also to add a richness of character and possibility when used within VSM.


StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part01.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part02.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part03.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part04.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part05.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part06.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part07.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part08.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part09.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part10.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part11.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part12.rar – 850.0 MB
StrMachineLib.3.0.0.part13.rar – 93.6 MB

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