Fluffy Audio Simple Violin KONTAKT

Fluffy Audio Simple Violin KONTAKTSimple Violin is a violin sampled with just one true legato articulation – with full sustain note after the legato – and one dynamic layer. Sampled in a concert hall, we particularly asked the performer to pay great attention to passion and vibrato. The result is a lovely instrument, which features the same advanced engine of our more expensive products. The instrument also features a new realistic re-bowing system that works perfectly and helps to create convincing mockups.

In the end its limitations are its best strengths: easy to play, low memory footprint, natural expressiveness… at an affordable price!

When developing the library we tried to avoid over-processing the samples by using compression and normalization. Therefore we needed a special scripting device which could blend all the samples transitions in a very smooth and realistic way. We developed an external tool which analyzes the samples and imports this data into Kontakt called the Dynamic Control Engine. Thanks to the DCE, Kontakt knows the volumes of the samples currently playing in the instrument and matches the volume of the incoming samples with the previous ones. In the end the DCE works flawlessly “under the radar” leaving the user free to enjoy playing and building his expressive legato phrases.

1255 samples
1.35 GB ncw compressed sample pool (2.8 GB original sample size)
3 mic positions
3 octaves note range
True Legato with full sustained note after legato
Key Triggered Rebowings
DCE Engine for dynamic blending
Articulation Editor
Improved humanized tuning
Automatic legato speed based on the analysis of your performance
17 Impulse Reverbs
Animated GUI with many configurable parameters
Ready-to-play presets


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