Filter Forge 13.0 Studio Edition v13.5.4275-R2R

Filter Forge 13.0 Studio Edition v13.5.4275-R2R

Filter Forge lets you create your own filters in a node-based Filter Editor. No coding required – filters are built from components that represent familiar image operations such as Blur, Levels, Invert, Gradient, or Perlin Noise. You can open library filters in Filter Editor to examine and tailor them for your needs.

Filter Forge OÜ (formerly Filter Forge, Inc., originally established in 2005), is a one-product company fully devoted to developing and improving our flagship product, Filter Forge — mighty graphics software with thousands of photo effects and seamless textures, and a visual node-based editor allowing you to create your own filters.

Filter Forge comes in three differently priced editions: Basic, Professional, and Studio.

Basic Edition allows you to download and apply an unlimited number of filters to 8-bit images up to 3000×3000 px in size. Rendering is slower since only two CPU cores are used. The Basic Edition is limited to a single computer.

Professional Edition lets you use existing filters, create new filters from scratch, or open and modify existing filters in the Filter Editor. You can work with 16- and 32-bit images in the plugin mode. The maximum image size is 65000×65000 pixels. You can work with the OpenEXR and PFM image formats. Rendering is much faster thanks to utilization of all CPUs and cores. You can use copy-paste to stack filters. You can render normal, bump, and other texture maps. The Professional Edition is limited to a single computer.

Studio Edition has all functions of the Professional Edition, and on top of that it can create and open projects. The Studio Edition can be used on two computers.

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