Excite Audio KSHMR Chain v1.2.0 Regged (WiN and maOS)-R2R

Excite Audio KSHMR Chain v1.2.0 Regged (WiN and maOS)-R2R


KSHMR Chain is an innovative utility that instantly copies your plugin chain from one track to countless others. Say goodbye to Copy & Paste.

With KSHMR Chain you can fine-tune the settings of plugins across multiple tracks with a single twist, and hear the accumulative effect of those changes in real-time – great for working with vocal stacks or groups of instruments.

Revolutionary Leader Follower Technology

Customisable Effects Chains

Automatic Plugin Categorisation

Powerful Macro Control

Parallel Processing and Gain staging

Individual Plugin Automatic Makeup Gain Toggle

Individual Plugin Oversampling up to 16x

Individual Plugin Bypass

Leader and Follower Bypass Modes

Sidechain functionality

Plugin RMS Metering

M1 Native

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