Cymatics 5 for $5 Spring Bundle WAV MiDi

Cymatics 5 for $5 Spring Bundle WAV MiDi

•FROST: Hihat Loop & MIDI Collection$25
•CALYPSO: Guitar Loop Collection$25
•MYSTICAL: MIDI Collection$25
•FALCON: FX Collection$25
•THUNDER: Percussion Loop Collection

Bounce Driven Hihat Patterns For Instant Rhythmic Inspiration
With FROST, we included an assortment of bounce driven hi-hat patterns to help spark fresh ideas effortlessly.
This includes both Hihat loop WAV files for you to resample, as well as the MIDI for each so you get full creative control.
Whether you prefer to stretch, pitch, or chop the loops, utilize them as-is, or personalize the MIDI to suit your preferences, the creative possibilities are endless.

Professionally Recorded Guitar Loops Designed For Trap, RnB, Pop & More
Our team worked with professional guitarists to create a versatile pack of loops that work for a variety of styles.
CALYPSO features a selection of guitar loops that work well for Trap, RnB, Pop, Lofi, and many other styles of production.
These are perfect for adding that touch of live instrumentation to any track, with full stems included for every loop.

Versatile Handwritten MIDI Designed For RnB, Trap, Lofi, Pop & More
Our top loop creators spent extra time crafting an extensive range of MIDI compositions, providing you with a diverse palette to build your melodies upon.
Explore a variety of MIDI inside, spanning various styles and genres, ensuring instant creative inspiration at your fingertips.
These MIDI work well for a wide selection of styles including RnB, Trap, Lofi, Pop and many others.

Unique FX Samples Designed To Add More Energy To Any Track
FALCON offers an array of distinctive FX sounds designed to enrich the overall vibe of your tracks, injecting them with personality and depth.
Featuring an assortment of Cinematic Style Impacts, Arps, Reverse FX, and Various FX, each sound inside works great for any style of track.
Experiment with these FX to elevate your intros, enhance build-ups, transition between sections, or integrate them throughout your entire track for a cohesive sonic experience.

Textural Percussion Loops For Adding Movement & Character To Your Music
THUNDER includes a variety of meticulously crafted percussion loops, designed to infuse your tracks with distinctive character.
Polish your melodies and drum patterns with these to implement a cadence and depth that stands out.
Each of these are pre-processed to blend seamlessly into any style of track you throw them on.


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