Cradle The Spirit v1.0.3b30e554c8 [WIN]

Cradle The Spirit v1.0.3b30e554c8

Often sitting at the top of multiple charts, Louis Bell is one of the most successful songwriters, producers, and composers of the 21st century. Louis has engineered and produced some of today’s most prominent vocalists, from names like Justin Bieber and Halsey to Post Malone and Taylor Swift.

By capturing emotive and authentic performances, Louis’ vocal production and songwriting have helped define modern pop music as we know it.

Louis Bell’s signature vocal sound in a single plug-in:

✓ inspiring vocal chain in seconds
✓ built-in reverb & doubler effects
✓ auto-rider for added consistency
✓ zero latency

College dorms, basements, hotel suites and backstage rooms; the modern-day vocal booth can take on all shapes and sizes. The Spirit was designed for all environments, allowing you and the artist to stay focused on the creative process.

We carefully distilled Louis’s complex chain of compressors, EQs and creative effects into an intuitive UI so you can concentrate on the performance without the busy work.

With a slew of built-in tools and effects, The Spirit can easily dial in a mix-ready vocal chain in seconds.

Having the vocalist sounding the way they want to sound — where they feel immortal and untouchable — invites the chance of having a much more creative openness in the studio.


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