Ask Video Vocal Tuning 101 The Art of Vocal Tuning TUTORiAL

Ask Video Vocal Tuning 101 The Art of Vocal Tuning TUTORiAL

Vocal tuning is an important skill every engineer should master. Get the pitch correction knowledge you need in this course by trainer and engineer Joshua Carney, and take your vocal productions from good to perfect!

Vocal tuning is common practice these days, in almost every genre of music. The fact is most commercial songs have had some form of pitch correction applied to varying degree. It’s not just the very obvious robotic “T-Pain” effect which is omnipresent in hip hop and pop music, but pitch correction can also be used very subtly, to take a vocal performance from good to magical. This is where vocal tuning becomes an art unto itself.

Whether you use Logic’s Flex Pitch, Antares Auto-Tune, iZotope Nectar, Celemony Melodyne, Waves Tune Real-Time or any other pitch correction tools, Joshua Carney is here to teach you the skills and craft of vocal tuning. In this course, you discover how and when to use the two main methods of vocal tuning (automatic vs. manual). Every parameters and functions are clearly explained and demonstrated. You learn how to get realistic results, or use vocal correction as a creative tool. There’s a whole section on creating vocal harmonies artificially. To get them sounding right, it’s crucial to know the music theory behind harmonizing and Joshua clearly explains it.

There’s a lot to learn, so join trainer and producer Joshua Carney in this 26-tutorial course. Master the art of Vocal Tuning now!


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