apulSoft apShaper v1.1.5 WIN MAC Incl Keygen-R2R

apulSoft apShaper v1.1.5 WIN MAC Incl Keygen-R2RapulSoft apShaper is an audio effect plugin to add harmonic distortion to audio signals. It combines a waveshaper with three filter bands and various modulation options – two LFOs, a dynamics detector, and user-configurable knobs.

pShaper can simulate multiple types of distortion, including tape and tube saturation, wave folding, and analog bit crushing.

The three filter bands offer high-quality filtering without high-frequency squeezing. The variable-slope low-pass filter type provides smooth slopes not possible with traditional filtering – ideal to gently shape signals with large amounts of distortion applied. Multiple tone control types modelled after classic circuits allow classic bass/mid/treble tone shaping.

Main Features

Demo version! Download and try in demo mode.
Five high-quality waveshaping engines: harmonic, tube, saturation, steps, wavefold.
Extremely low aliasing.
Three multi-type filters can be applied before and/or after waveshaping.
Four types of guitar amp tone stack simulations included.
Multiple types of saturation soft-knee: tape, classic, distortion and hyper.
The steps engine allows continous adjustments of the number of bits.
The wavefold engine provides symmetrical and asymmetrical user-editable breakpoints.
The variable-slope low-pass filter type is ideal to use with harmonic distortion products.
The direct channel can be independently filtered and dry/wet mixed with the shaped sound.
Graphical editing of filter parameters on the spectrum display.

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