Aiyn Zahev Sounds DUNE3 Spice Vol.3

Aiyn Zahev Sounds DUNE3 Spice Vol.3

The latest Spice soundbank by Aiyn Zahev Sounds is here, this time making it’s way onto the DUNE 3 Engine. Spice Vol.3 brings over 122 presets to the table and nicely rounds out the Spice Series. This volume branches off from the previous two with it’s emphasis on cinematic and re-interpreted retro sounds. With DUNE3’s engine featuring analog emulation, wavetables and FM, it covers a diverse palette of sounds with ease.

The bank features 18 basses, 14 chord, FX and drum patches, 39 Drone and Pad sounds, and 30 Arp’s and Sequences. Rounding off the bank are a further 21 Lead, pluck and keyboard patches. The full compliment of MIDI also accompanies the bank, allowing you to recreate parts from the demo which you can drop into your songs as is, or use as a spring board for new ideas.

As with all AZS sound banks effects were used judiciously, with some sounds having a sprinkling to add to the sonic imprint, and others using them as essential components of the sound. The end goal is that you will be able to drop these sounds in your project and use them out of the box, or as a great starting point for your own mix.


•122 DUNE 3 Presets
•Modwheel programming on vast majority of sounds
•Velocity and or After-touch on many sounds
•Ableton Live Project File from the audio demo
•MIDI from the audio demo

Synpase Audio DUNE 3.07 or above required


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