Acustica Audio Sand 3 2023-R2R

Acustica Audio Sand 3 2023-R2R

Sand 3 reproduces the sonic behavior of a series of high-end British consoles that dominated the pop and pock scenes from the 1980s onward. Sound engineers from all over the world swear by their forward, slightly “aggressive” sound, and their logical layout.

Sand 3 EQ
Sand 3 EQ consists of 3 switchable 4-band parametric equalizers, plus 3 additional high and low pass filter sets.

Model A was derived from a modern British console EQ.
Model B is based on another highly sought-after module from the same Oxfordshire manufacturer.
Model C was derived from a truly outstanding desk that was initially designed for music production, but eventually found its way into broadcast and post-production studios, too. It was used on countless R&B, classical, and pop records.

Sand 3+E EQ
This is the first “homebrewed” EQ included in the Sand 3 suite. It is based on a British console first introduced to the market in 1979; today, it is considered a “classic” that changed mixing forever.

The plugin based on the 3+E model features a switchable 4-band parametric equalizer, additional high and low-pass filters, and a preamp section.

Sand 3+G EQ
This is the second of the 2 “homebrewed” EQ models present in Sand; this one is derived from a celebrated console that came out in 1993. The plugin consists of a switchable 4-band parametric equalizer with a preamp section and additional high and low pass filters.

Sand 3 Comp: It’s “The” Bus Compressor
Sand 3 Comp is inspired by three high-end British hardware units. Nothing will help glue your tracks together like this bus compressor par excellence; in fact, this module is likely to become your new favorite mix bus compressor, hands-down.

Sand 3 Preamp Module
The sound of the preamps in a console is an integral part of what makes the sonic fingerprint of a particular model, so when we sample any desk, we strive to include the individually sampled preamps. This allows you to use them in your projects sequentially —thereby replicating the layout and the unique sound of the original hardware — or you can use them in any other way you choose, exploiting the individual responses of the selected channels.


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