789ten Flex Mode V.1 by JNXD TUTORiAL [ViDEO ONLY]

789ten Flex Mode V.1 by JNXD TUTORiAL [ViDEO ONLY]The ‘Hard Is My Style’ producer has been blasting into new hemispheres in recent years. With an official remix for Coone and the official anthem for Pumpkin 2019 under his belt, JNXD has been steadily pumping out a slew of heavy hitting releases on Dirty Workz.

Producing is just like getting in shape, you have to put in the hours. The devotion JNXD has to his craft is obvious, as he flexes his producer muscles in this HD tutorial.

Every exceptional producer has their own unique methods, which is why there is so much refreshing knowledge you can take away from watching someone like JNXD in the studio.

If you struggle with getting your kicks to sound top-level, or the elements in your tracks are interfering with each other in the mix, you’ll want to unlock this tutorial now and thank us later.


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