Wavesfactory Suspended Cymbals KONTAKT

Wavesfactory Suspended Cymbals KONTAKT

Wavesfactory Suspended Cymbals KONTAKT

Suspended Cymbals is a sample library for Kontakt 4 and above that features 5 premium crash cymbals with 5 articulations each, including:

Side hits.
Modwheel controlled rolls.

Recorded with 3 microphone positions, 4 velocity layers and 4 round robin. All samples normalized to 0db, resulting in 128 volume steps, giving a much natural sound and feel.

The best feature on the library is being able to control the roll intensity with the modwheel. No more time-fixed samples which are very hard to sync with your track. With Suspended Cymbals you can control or play the rolls yourself.

On the mixer section you can mix each microphone position and apply convolution reverb with any of the 30 provided impulses, highpass and lowpass filters and envelope with attack, hold and decay.
On the settings section you can control the volume of each articuation separately, round robin repetitions, dynamic range, muffling time, velocity curve and voicing.

The cymbals: Zildjian Custom Session Crash 16″, Zildjian Avedis Custom 18″, Zildjian Dark Medium Thin 18″, Paiste Masters Dark Crash 18″ and Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 18″.
We want this library to become the go-to for suspended cymbals, you’ll find everything you need. It won’t go any better than this!

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