Waves Complete v13 11.10.21 (WIN+MAC) FULL VERSION

Waves Complete v13 11.10.21

What’s New In Waves V13

Native M1 Compatibility with ARM Silicon computers. See full list of supported DAWs

Compatibility for all DAWs providing Windows 11 support

Scheps Omni Channel, Abbey Road RS124 and Kaleidoscopes now with ultra-sharp HiDPI GUIs

Ongoing improvements, bug fixes, and additional updates. See full list of updates

Release Notes

All Waves Plugins: Across-the-board software update to V13

OS and DAW Compatibility:
New: Waves plugins are now fully supported on Mac computers with Apple M1 processors running M1-compatible DAWs: See full list of compatible DAWs.
New: Waves plugins are now fully supported on Windows 11.

New Features & Improvements:
New: Hi-resolution (HiDPI) graphics for the Abbey Road RS124, Scheps Omni Channel, and Kaleidoscopes.
New: Unicode support enabling use of non-English characters in:
Track name (Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, Scheps Omni Channel, CLA MixHub)
Preset names
Location of sample libraries
New: Direct link from within each plugin to its product page via the WaveSystem bar.
Improved: HiDPI compatibility with supporting DAWs.
Improved: Smoothing algorithm added to eliminate click artifacts during parameter change in SSL G-EQ.
Improved: Plugins opened within Scheps Omni Channel now open in a separate floating window.
Improved: Added preference to select auto-launch of the Waves Head Tracker option in all Waves Nx plugins: Abbey Road Studio 3, CLA Nx, Nx Ocean Way Nashville and Nx Virtual Mix Room.
Waves Local Server Update v12.13.0.18 – Global update across all Waves versions 11-13.

Bug Fixes in All Waves plugins (Native):
Fixed: Mouse pointer no longer gets ‘stuck’ on a random value when adjusting enlarged GUI control scaling settings to 125-150% on Windows OS.
Fixed: Logic no longer crashes after closing the plugin’s GUI when the focus is on the preset browser.
Fixed: Maschine knobs no longer glitchy within Pro Tools when Waves plugins are present.
Fixed: Port conflict between Waves Local Server and UAD console application after closing UAD LUNA.
Fixed: Preset saved into a user preset’s subfolder will not be checked with “v” when loaded.
Fixed: Continuous automation using MIDI Learn in Cakewalk is now possible.
Fixed: Preset browser > Scroll handle grab now works with touchscreen.
Fixed: Preset browser > Spacebar will not go to the host after rename.
Fixed: Save option no longer opens with file extension selected.
Fixed: Offline process in VST3 consistency.

Bug Fixes have been applied to numerous plugins, including but not limited to:
Fixed: Sync values in odd time signatures have been corrected in the following plugins: CLA EchoSphere, CLA Epic, H-Delay, J37 Tape, Kaleidoscopes, Manny Marroquin Delay, Reel ADT. Please note: This fix may slightly affect the sound of sessions created with previous versions.
Fixed: All Waves Virtual Instruments: Fine Tune now responds properly to Undo/Redo.
General bug fixes in Codex and Element. Please note: This update may slightly affect the sound of sessions created with previous versions.
Fixed in Abbey Road Saturator: Mono component can now properly enable automation (Mac).
Fixed in CLA MixHub:
Swapping modules with touchscreen now works consistently.
Expanded modules no longer auto-engage when collapsed.
When Bucket view is empty, right-clicking (for assignment) no longer causes pointer to jump.
Insert slot settings can now be saved in Pyramix.
Fixed in DTS NeuralTM Mono2Stereo: Latency report is now accurate.
Fixed in Eddie Kramer Guitar Channel: Latency report at 48 kHz is now accurate.
Fixed in F6 Dynamic EQ:
Crash issue solved when loading the default Real-Time Analyzer.
Grab marker now “unselects” successfully when clicking elsewhere on the screen.
Fixed in Grand Rhapsody Piano: Key up sound now works properly in Pro Tools when playing with a keyboard.
Fixed in Kaleidoscopes:
“Use SC” is now saved successfully with session.
Drive control: Auto-engage no longer changes drive from pre to post.
Fixed in Abbey Road Studio 3, CLA Nx, Nx Ocean Way Nashville and Nx Virtual Mix Room:
Camera is now available under tracking device once IMU is connected for the first time.
Nx Waves Head Tracker no longer disconnects from windows after being idle for 10 minutes.
Fixed in MultiMod Rack: Effects no longer disappear when a slot is disabled.
Fixed in PRS SuperModels Archon: Automating the ‘lead/clean’ control no longer causes the GUI to flicker.
Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel:
Swapping modules with touch screen now works consistently.
“Undo” no longer stops working on some controls after a preset is loaded.
Insert slot settings are now successfully saved in Pyramix.
Fixed in WLM Plus Loudness Meter: Meter readings are now available after Audiosuite render.
Fixed in X-FDBK: Q behavior on high frequencies.

SoundGrid Bug Fixes in All Waves Plugins:
Fixed: Possible crashes are no longer present on actions with floating plugin windows (e.g., when changing presets in Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain or MultiMod Rack).
Fixed: Mute no longer auto-engaged in certain presets loaded within rack presets.
Fixed: Offset no longer present in the text field when double-touching plugin parameters.
Fixed in various plugins including but not limited to Abbey Road TG Mastering, CLA Epic, CLA EchoSphere: Setup B no longer loads a non-default preset in SoundGrid hosts.

SoundGrid Bug Fixes in Specific Plugins:
Fixed in CLA EchoSphere: Rack meter no longer shows left signal only.
Fixed in IR Live: Possible short audio drop no longer present when focusing the plugin or changing non-IR parameters.
Fixed in MultiMod Rack: MIDI mapping on SuperRack.
Fixed in TRACT: Possible crash no longer present on “clear traces” using touch screen.

Waves Central: New Version (V13.0.9)
Support for installing Version 13 (V13) of Waves plugins.
Ongoing improvements and optimization


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