Wavemind Amp Suite Rev F v1.0.2 [WIN]

Wavemind Amp Suite Rev F v1.0.2

Powered by our new modelling engine, this amp sim closely recreates this 90’s classic amplifier.

Every mode available:
Channel Select: Green, Orange and Red channels available; from clean to high gain modern tones.
Channel Cloning: Make either channel have a modern or vintage sound.
Tube Select: Choose between 6L6 and EL34 output tubes.
Power Select: Choose wether or not to run in low power mode, to emulate the use of a variac.
Rectifier Select: Choose between old school saggy tube rectifiers, or diode rectifiers for a tight and modern sound.

Curiuous what it sounds like?
Full Mix

X-Drive: A classic drive with a bit more bite than you’re used to. The sharper midrange makes it a perfect match for the Rev F!
Forte Boost: 22 dB of pure boost. Perfect for when you need to tune just that little bit lower.
Cabinet Simulation
An amp is nothing without a good cabinet, that’s why we included a fully modelled cab section based on an oversized 4×12.
Our speaker simulator allows you to precisely position your virtual microphone, even after you’re done recording. You can even mix this together with your own custom impulses.
7-band EQ
With the 7-band equalizer you can shape your tone exactly as you see fit.
Delay and Chorus
A dedicated time based fx unit is included to create inspiring lead tones.
No Dependencies

Don’t have access to either a VST3, AAX or AU host? No worries, you can still run the amplifier all on its own!
A fully standalone version is included with your download.


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