W.A Production Loop Engine v1.1.1 [WIN]

W.A Production Loop Engine v1.1.1Infinite Loop Generator
W. A. Production presents LOOP ENGINE, the next generation of cutting-edge multi-voice loop tools.

segments and modify parameters individually.

Partition Playback
Split chords into partitions, drawing in the playback of the 4 chord notes to create melodies, arpeggios, shorter chords and loops. With options for Copy / Paste and Repeat, it’s easy to sketch out loop ideas for just one chord and then apply that playback to the others, experimenting as you go. Don’t forget the voicing options, which can send up to 8 loops to 8 different DAW tracks.

Overlap Mode
The POLY button creates patterns that loop indefinitely. These patterns can be longer or shorter than chord segments and loop iterations and will create intertwining arps that reach beyond the normal chord structures. Whenever a portion of a poly pattern enters a new chord segment, the notes of that section will adapt to the new harmonic environment. Go wild and create self-generating melodies with poly mode, multiple voices and all their recombinations.

Export MIDI
To customise your chords and riffs even further, drag and drop chords and arps from the plugin directly into your DAW. Making your original chords ripe for MIDI editing, transposing, and tweaking to fit the sound of your music.

Powerful Presets
Loop Engine offers many categorised presets for chord progressions. In addition, sequence presets for chords, riffs and arpeggios. These presets make it easy to source musical motifs that can evolve into full tracks.

W. A. Production are real-life producers making creative plugins to help you achieve studio quality processing quickly and easily. Enjoy!

•Multi-track Chord & Arp MIDI effect
•Connects to any DAW
•Route up to 8 voices from a single Loop Engine
•Loop Engine Listener plugin for routing voices to multiple tracks
•Extensive chord selection with additional options for types and tensions
•Closed, open, and mixed chord positions for optimal voice leading
•Creative randomization
•Intelligent harmonic progressions
•Copy & paste
•Global and per-segment controls
•Note partition controls
•Editor for polyrhythmic arpeggios and note lines
•Keyboard displaying chord and melody notes
•Export MIDI
•Factory presets for chords & sequences
•Resizable interface


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