W.A. Production Big Leads For ImPerfect

W.A. Production Big Leads For ImPerfectBIG music needs BIG leads, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in Big Leads for ImPerfect! We’ve designed some of the most jaw-dropping leads you’ll ever hear, inspired by the best classic and modern sounds. We’ve pushed the ImPerfect synth as far as we could to create a fantastic collection of leads you can use in practically any genre.

Big Leads for ImPerfect contains 60 expertly crafted presets designed for W. A. Production’s unique ImPerfect synth. Taking full advantage of the plugin’s capabilities, this expansion lets you take these incredible sounds and tweak them to your liking. If you want to get the most out of ImPerfect, be sure to download it today!

Product details: 60 Lead ImPerfect Presets


Protected: W.A. Production

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