Vintage Synth Pads – Analog Dusk | Dune 3 Soundset

Vintage Synth Pads – Analog Dusk | Dune 3 Soundset

Analog Dusk for Dune 3.

I like the sound of analog synthesizers, always have, always will.
There is something about the warmth that I find very satisfying.

In creating “Analog Dusk” my desire was to do 2 things, bring warm, analog sounding synths to Dune 2, and Atmospheres, a category missing from the factory presets.
I found Dune 3 very flexible and very capable of a broad range of sonic possibilities, I ended up making all types of sounds.

Here are the categories:

Pads – 19
Atmospheres – 13
Arps – 15
Bass – 9
Leads – 9
Synths – 4
Keys – 8
Fx – 3

Total: 80

Analog Dusk also includes custom wavetables.



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