UVI Relayer v1.5.8-R2R

UVI Relayer v1.5.8-R2R

Precision Creative Delay
Variable multi-tap delay with extensive shaping controls
Per-tap modulation editors for Time, Gain, Pan, and 2 Multi-Effects
Intuitive interface, fast and easy to use

A Modern Classic
An advanced creative engine housed in an intuitive and easy to use interface, Relayer represents a new benchmark for digital delay effects. Relayer was designed from the ground-up to provide an efficient and inspiring workflow that enables users to dial in everything from basic delays to radical rhythmic multi-effects with speed, precision and natural musicality.

The Highest Order of Function and Usability
Relayer was designed with a unique set of features that make it remarkably versatile, producing everything from simple delay effects to pure sonic decimation. Despite its diverse capabilities, Relayer is extremely easy to understand and use. A single UI screen elegantly presents global and modulated parameters and a dynamic patch visualizer, giving you clear, time-based graphical representation of your current settings. You’ll find Relayer incredibly easy to master and its dynamic feedback will help you achieve even the most complex sounds effortlessly.

Protected: UVI Products Download 2023
Protected: UVI Products Download 2023
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