URM Academy Fast Track Advanced Reamping with Sam Pura TUTORiAL

URM Academy Fast Track Advanced Reamping with Sam Pura TUTORiALHey best friends! This your best friend, Sam Pura, and I am here take you through one of the most important processes in my productions, Guitar Reamping!
In case we haven’t met, I am the Founder and Chief Engineer of The Panda Studios. I have been a producer and engineer here in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years. You may know me from my work with bands such as The Story So Far, Basement, State Champs, Hundredth, and The Dangerous Summer.

One of the ways people have described my productions is that they are like a “Wall of Sound.” Well, this isn’t by accident. On top of meticulous detail in the drums and bass guitar to create a thunderous and consistent rhythm section, I use the same amount of attention to the guitars to make sure they help provide the impact, texture, and vibe the song requires.

We aren’t just creating guitar tones that fit the mix. We want the guitars to sound like they are EXPLODING from your headphones and playback system. We want to make sure that the tones we create sound like they can’t be contained by the physical speaker cones.

How do I do this Well, that’s where this Fast-Track comes into place. My particular process for reamping allows me the creative freedom to focus solely on the sonics of the guitar tone and to go fully the down the rabbit hole of experimentation with an arsenal of tools I have amassed over the years. Each piece of equipment I use has been specifically chosen to allow me to paint whatever picture I want, maximizing the full potential of each sectionsong.

So, are you ready to be best friends and learn my process of Guitar Reamping
Let’s get started!!

Sam Pura
Producer, Engineer
The Panda Studios


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