Ueberschall Rock Ballads

Ueberschall Rock Ballads

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Rock Ballads

Grab your guitar and let your feelings flow. Many ballads in rock music have turned into modern classics. From now on and thanks to Rock Ballads, every musician can produce emotional songs with powerful rock sound in his studio.This library is an excellent source of inspiration for songwriters as well as an ideal solution for dubbing and advertisement.

GENRE:Rock, Pop
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Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part01.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part02.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part03.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part04.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part05.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part06.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part07.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part08.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part09.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part10.rar – 700.0 MB
Ueberschall.Rock.Ballads.Elastik.SoundBank.part11.rar – 265.9 MB

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