Toontrack EZkeys v2.0.1 [WiN+OSX]

Toontrack EZkeys v2.0.1

In simple terms, EZkeys Cinematic Grand is a prepared piano – a traditional instrument that’s had its sound altered by objects placed on or between the strings. But in this case, that’s simplifying too much.

EZkeys Cinematic Grand presents an all-new hybrid instrument where perfect fidelity meets altered harmonics and layered textures to form never-before-heard piano timbres. Based on a classic Bösendorfer from 1891, this one-of-a-kind instrument was recorded in four individual configurations – one where horsehair was used as a bow on each piano string (‘Bowed’); one where the strings were struck by hand (‘Plucked’); one where various preparations were added to generate a muffled tone color (‘Damped’) and, in opposite, one where the overtones were exaggerated, producing an ambient and soaring timbre (‘Harmonic’).

These four configurations were then saturated with various chains of sound-shaping effects and used in different combinations to form unique fabrics of sound. Welcome to a piano that goes well beyond the tradition, ready to serve as sonic backdrop to virtually any mood, narrative or audio scene you can imagine. This is the ultimate “grand piano” for out-of-this-world compositions, just as perfect for soundtracks as it is for any stripe of modern music production or sound design. Prepare to be inspired.


● Ideal for ambient soundscapes, soundtracks and creative sound design
● Based on a classic Bösendorfer from 1891, recorded in four octaves and in four different configurations (to be used individually or together in preset combinations)
● 40 mix-ready presets, offering creative instrument blends of never-before-heard hybrids of sounds

Release notes for EZdrummer 2.0.1

– the leading instrument is analyzed with higher penalty for instruments with lower priority
– MIDI learn menus open in better places over sliders
– when using the amount control with the Latin Percussion EZX results should be more predictable
– kicks from the Number 1 Hits EZX can now be loaded in the regular kick drum position
– selecting with the lasso at the edges of the Song Track no longer leads to unwanted scrolling
– after tapping only 1 bar, only 1 bar is displayed in the tap2find area
– suggestions can be aborted before the process has completed
– Edit Play Style changes are now applied upon quantizing
– after quantizing in Edit Play Style pads are no longer deselected
– new menu arrow button on the song part labels

– crash fix for multi-out routing change when a sample rate other than 44.1K was used
– EZXs with no sounds in mics declared as Close no longer causes the engine to crash
– source files with a block type that cannot be determined should no longer cause a crash
– potential crash fix when trying to open database that doesnt exist
– occassional crash when switching Sound Library
– removing an instrument assigned as Powerhand no longer causes issues
– on certain systems preview for the percussion pieces was silent
– velocity values 1 did not count as hits when using the amount control
– the engine didn’t apply amount correctly if multiple instruments were selected
– Intensity in searches was not drawn correctly
– ‘Show in Browser’ now works with user mount points even if a User Libraries header is present
– slashes in file names should be treated more adequately
– metronome preview in standalone mode didn’t work
– stand alone no longer asks for path every time if PlugPath exist but is invalid
– when creating a Toontrack account the dialog no longer states that the user should check their mail and verify the account as that is no longer needed
– the ‘connection failed’ message now properly appears if failing to login to web shop MIDI
– other Online midi fixes
– some Copy from browser bug fixes
– some User MIDI folder fixes
– memory leaks should no longer occur


Toontrack.EZkeys.v2.0.1.CE-V.R.rar – 617.8 MB
Toontrack.EZkeys.v2.0.1.OSX-V.R.rar – 712.7 MB

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