Toontrack AMBIENT POP EzKeys Midi

Toontrack AMBIENT POP EzKeys Midi

Merging edgy beats and cutting edge production techniques with evocative soundscapes and hypnotic hooks, ambient pop is an amalgam of electronic music styles unlike no other. In this MIDI pack for EZkeys, we explore both ends of this multi-textured and borderless genre.

Organized in separate “songs” and with five corresponding ‘Ambient’ and ‘Melody’ variations in each, this MIDI pack will give you the perfect canvas of raw material to draw from. Launch several instances of EZkeys, call up different sounds for parts and then change, tailor and tweak until you have carved out your very own takes.

If you’re in the market for instant inspiration and want to get going on some new ideas that touch on the atmospheric, dream-like and experimental, here you go.


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