ToneX ToneNET Databases 23-11-15

ToneX ToneNET Databases 23-11-15Multiple databases containing every free user-made ToneX profile (give or take) released on since its launch.

Everything had to be divided into multiple databases, with the same structure as current ToneX version for a good compatibility, from date to date, because of the insane amount of profiles. 1 unique database would cause ToneX to need several minutes to start, and working with it would have been way too painful.

No sorting has been done, it’s a raw pile of data you will want to sort by yourself to suit your needs with 2 free softwares (not included) : ToneXdbExplorer (by CodeFN42) and SQLiteStudio (by SQLiteStudio).

See the videos below for short tutorials on how to proceed. A complete PDF tutorial can be found in the peeplink as well.

Content in the Peeplink :
– 1 RAR file with current database from 23/11/01 to 23/11/15 + PDF tutorial
– 1 RAR file with 5 older databases from 22/09/29 to 23/10/31 + PDF tutorial

AudioSex is a great place to ask for help if needed

PC tutorial :

Mac-friendly tutorial :



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