Ternär Music Technology Combine Sequencer for M4L

Ternär Music Technology Combine Sequencer for M4L


Combine is an esoteric sequencer implementing techniques common to modular synthesizers.
It consists of a master device with separate pitch, octave, velocity and duration sequencers whose output is send to all slave devices in the project. Here those free-running sequences will be combined when an activated step is hit resulting in an inter-connected meta composition.


Master device with separate sequencers for pitch, octave, velocity and duration

Global control over root note and scale

A range of selectable pentatonic scales

Clock divider and length control for all sequencers

Slave device with 8-step sequencer, chance per step and transposition control

Unlimited number of slave devices per project

Chord generator with up to 4 notes and spread control

Switches to locally toggle master sequences

Note and velocity monitor

No midi routing necessary


Place one (just one!) master device anywhere in your project and set up a sequence

Use as many slave devices as you want to sequence your instruments. No Midi routing necessary.


Known issues:

Slave device can be out of sync when it is added while the Ableton live set is running. Just restart the transport and everything is back in sync again.

Adding a second master device will break the inter-device communication


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