Sound Blind Drums Counterkit KONTAKT

Sound Blind Drums Counterkit KONTAKT

Signature Counterparts Drum Sample Library by Kyle Brownlee



Counterkit is a Kontakt based virtual drum sample library which was meticulously captured, sampled, performed, programmed, and mixed by Kyle Brownlee of Counterparts.

Packed with 13 mix-ready presets of aggressive, punchy, defined, and clear drums, the signature Counterparts drumkit is now available.


Used on tour and in the studio, the combination of Tama Starclassic Birch Bubinga drum shells, Zildjian cymbals, Evans Drumheads, and Vic Firth drumsticks during sampling capture the playing style, articulations, and sound of Kyle’s drumming in Counterparts.

Use the built in Kontakt mix-ready processing by Kyle Brownlee, or turn off processing toggles to access the entire raw sample library in Kontakt.



The control panel includes 3 sections:

1) Mic Blend Mixer to adjust the mic balance for both the Snare top & bottom, Kick in, out, and one-shot sample

2) CPU Scaling toggles which allow built-in mix processing within Kontakt to be disabled or enabled for each channel & reverb sends

3) Reverb parameter adjustments for both Room & Plate sends to customize kit depth


The Mix Bus FX panel is an 8-insert drum bus signal chain, with bypass abilities, featuring:

– 3 Compressors (SSL comp style, SuperGT tube saturator style, 1176 style)

– SSL style EQ with 2 shelf bands (high, low) and 2 notch bands (high mid, low mid)

– Transient Designer, Tape Saturator, Stereo Imager, and an Audience Pan Perspective toggle


The Bleed Mixer is a panel that allows the level of each drumkit element to be independently adjusted in each set of ambient microphones (Overheads, Stereo Rooms, Mono Room, & Hallway). This allows for creative mix results by creating realistic or larger than life room mic options.


The MIDI Grooves panel feature a built-in MIDI groove bundle + preview player by Kyle Brownlee containing 30 metalcore style beats, 21 fills, and 90+ song structured parts. Drag & drop MIDI files directly from Counterkit into your DAW.

The MIDI Remap panel features manual MIDI remap controls, a MIDI “learn” feature, and preset configurations for popular drum plugins such as GGD, Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer, and DrumForge.


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