SongWish reMIDI 2 v2.0.5 (WIN+MAC)

SongWish reMIDI 2 v2.0.5MIDI Sampling Is Finally Here

Introducing reMIDI 2, the follow up to reMIDI that allows you to take MIDI sampling to the next level with its new features. reMIDI 2 is a MIDI effect plugin that samples musical notes from MIDI files that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples and map them to a controller.

reMIDI 2 is a plugin instrument capable of outputting MIDI as well as audio. A simple sine wave synth sound is built in for scratch work, so you can quickly find a loop for export as a MIDI file entirely within it.

For Audio Unit hosts (ie, Logic Pro), the included reMIDI_MFX MIDI effect plugin is loaded up instead. This is identical to the regular reMIDI, but it sits in front of the target instrument on the same track, outputting MIDI directly. It’s certainly the more elegant of the two approaches, although it only captures the raw triggering notes to the track, not the chords output by the plugin.

Each pad is assignable to have its own selected slice from the MIDI file loaded into the pad. You can combine different MIDI files (for melodic/drum MIDI) or record MIDI into pads from reMIDI MIDI input/output.
Now Included with reMIDI 2: SW Jazz Complete MIDI Pack

The complete set contains over 1000 files in 11 volumes. Each volume contains 100 Jazz block chord progressions in MIDI format.

These MIDI files can be dragged into any DAW, but why not just use SongWish’s reMIDI 2, a MIDI sampler VST. reMIDI 2 can load these MIDI files with some convenient features to play and edit them with.

You can animate these block chords with other MIDI utilities such as arpeggiators. Or get your jazz hands-on editing these progressions in your favourite DAW by modifying, adding/removing notes, or even changing the timing.


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