Royal Albert Hall Organ KONTAKT

Royal Albert Hall Organ KONTAKT

Royal Albert Hall Organ is a sample library produced by film and TV composer James Everingham. Presenting every nuance of this legendary, 150-year old instrument, Royal Albert Hall Organ offers a colossal range of expertly curated registrations and solo stops, and runs in the free Kontakt Player for Windows or macOS.

When recording an organ of this size, the room it sits in is almost as much a part of the sound as the instrument itself. Full support from the Royal Albert Hall granted us unprecedented access, allowing us to capture the organ from numerous perspectives around the auditorium – from the very rear of the gallery to mere inches from the pipes themselves, with microphones hung from the roof. We’ve included our favourites as individual positions, and presented these alongside a stereo mix, offering the best of both speed and hands-on control.
The pipe organ is an awe-inspiring instrument, made famous through works like Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, and finding its way into pop culture with Hans Zimmer’s 2014 score for Interstellar. From Bruckner and Saint-Saens, to Muse, Pink Floyd and Zappa, the organ of the Royal Albert Hall has been a British cultural icon for 150 years, housed inside one of the most iconic performance spaces on the planet. Led by film composer James Everingham, decades of experience in engineering, composition and organ mastery have come together to form Enigma Recordings – presenting every nuance of this legendary instrument as a sample library of exquisite detail.
We placed a Neumann KU100 in the Royal box for a binaural perspective. This offers not only an immersive experience, but provides a clean reference point for starting your own mix – the organ as heard from the most exclusive seat in the Hall.

Full Patch List


      • Voice of Jupiter
      • Imperial Battery
      • Majestic Reeds
      • Toccata and Finale
      • Highland Cathedral
      • Symphonic Primaries
      • Chorale
      • BWV 147
      • Nocturnal Shift
      • Benedictus
      • Orchestral Trumpet 8
      • Tuba Mirabilis 8
      • Tuba 8
      • Tuba Clarion 4
      • Contra Tuba 16
      • Cornopean 8
      • French Horn 8
      • Corno di Bassetto 8
      • PEDALS

      • Pedals of Jupiter
      • Full Promenade
      • Double Trombones
      • Ophicleides
      • Quint Posaune
      • Posaune Reeds
      • Brass Regiment
      • Pedal Brass
      • Quint Brass
      • Double Woods
      • Chamber Woods
      • Low Diapasons
      • Sub Salicional
      • Open Woods
      • MANUALS

      • Voice of Jupiter
      • Bombard Artillery
      • Tromba Batallion
      • The Great Swell
      • Harmonic Pressure
      • Bourdon Fantasia
      • Great Reeds
      • Cantata Variation
      • Classical Organ
      • Principle Diapasons
      • Concert Variation
      • Full Chorus
      • Coda
      • Baseball
      • Strings Flautando
      • Gemshorn
      • Super Picollo
      • Speaking Enigma
      • Principle Swell
      • Geigen
      • Hohl Harmonic
      • Leiblich Nazard
      • Bourdon Flute
      • Chamber Flutes
      • Coupled Flutes
      • Consort
      • Memorial Strings
      • SOLOS

      • Orchestra Trumpet 8
      • Tuba Mirabilis 8
      • Tuba 8
      • Tuba Clarion 4
      • Contra Tuba 16
      • Cornopean 8
      • French Horn 8
      • Corno di Bassetto 8

      • JE Mix
      • Royal
      • LR
      • Centre
      • Gods
      • Surrounds

      • Carillons
      • Tubular Bells
      • Bass Drum
      • Pistons
      • Startup / Shutdown
      • Room Tone
      • Blower Tone

Protected: Royal Albert Hall Organ KONTAKT
Protected: Royal Albert Hall Organ KONTAKT

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Size: 35 GB
Published: May 6, 2022

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