ProjectSAM Orchestral Essenrials 1 v2.0 KONTAKT

ProjectSAM Orchestral Essenrials 1 v2.0 KONTAKTKickstart your composing career
Covering full orchestra, strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion, Orchestral Essentials gives you the right tools to start scoring for film.

For aspiring composers
– Includes content from our acclaimed Symphobia Series
– Epic full orchestra articulations
– Symphonic string, brass and wind ensemble articulations
– Legato ensembles with real note transitions
– Classical and world percussion
– Cinematic effects, clusters and percussive hits

Ensemble philosophy
Featuring an ensemble that consists of (bass) clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, contrabass, piano, harp and percussion, Animator specializes on short, snappy and playable articulations, phrases and special effects.

Fully updated
The new 2.0 version of Orchestral Essentials offers a completely modernized library experience, with a new engine and design, all-in-one browser, reimagined Multis, improved legato engine, envelopes and filters – and Adaptive Sync. 100% free for all existing users!

Native Kontrol Standard
Navigate instruments, browse presets and control parameters directly from your Native Instruments hardware of choice.

Adaptive Sync
Quickly and effortlessly match sampled crescendos, rolls and risers to your project’s tempo.

Full Orchestra Mixed sections performing together
– Full Orchestra 1 Action
– Full Orchestra 2 Suspense
– Full Orchestra 3 Epic
– Full Orchestra 4 Dark
– Full Orchestra 5 Warm Sustains
– Full Orchestra 6 Long Chords
– Full Orchestra 7 Short Chords
String Ensemble Recorded as ensemble spread over the keyboard unless specified
– Arco
– Staccato
– Tremolo
– Pizzicato
– Cinematic effects set
– Legato violins with flutes
– Legato cellos with basses
Brass Ensemble Recorded as ensemble spread over the keyboard unless specified
– Sustain
– Staccato
– Muted staccato
– Cinematic effects set
– Legato horns with trombones
– Solo trumpet sustain
– Solo horn sustain
– Solo trombone sustain

Woodwind Ensemble Recorded as ensemble spread over the keyboard unless specified
– Sustain
– Staccato
– Cinematic effects set
– Legato flutes with clarinets
– Ethnic flute phrases set
– Overblown flute staccato
– Flute and piccolo runs

– Orchestral percussion kit
– Timpani
– Xylophone
– Glockenspiel
– Celesta
– Japanese percussion kit
– Djembe ensemble
– Cinematic percussion effects set
– Tubular bells
– New world percussion kit

Keyboards & Harp
– Piano mystique (exclusive to library!)
– Concert harp (exclusive to library!)
– Harpsichord
– Church organ

Sound Design
– 10 sound design instruments based on the orchestral audio pool

– Full choir “aah” sustain

Bonus Instruments
– Free jazz
– Horresque
– Kitteh
– Lazy strings
– Swat team
– Tear of a clown
– Wooden echo

– 48 inspiring Multis covering many cinematic genres

Additional information
– All sounds are offered in 1 microphone set


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