Production Music Live Melodic Drill from Start to Finish Course in FL

Production Music Live Melodic Drill from Start to Finish Course in FL

This course is not just about how to make a track from Start to Finish. Here you’re going to learn how to make a banger EVERY TIME you hit the studio. Find and create instruments that work together, develop your unique sound, get to know Secret Melody Structures & many more. In this +4 hours long course you will get to know every step of achieving Industry-Level Melodic Drill Tracks.

After this course you will:

🧠 Learn Psychological Reasons that differentiate Amateur & Professional 1B+ Productions

💻 Know All Best Paid & Free VSTs, Shortcuts and Techniques of World-Class Producers

🎹 Learn Formulas for Memorable & Catchy Beats that All Artists are looking for

💡Know Secrets to Starting Tracks & Boosting your creativity Every Time you open FL

🎧 Be able to Apply All Techniques to your own tracks with no doubt or hesitation

🎛️ Learn untold Processing Tricks to stand out from the crowd of producers

1. Melody Writing Hacks

Learn harmony theory & writing techniques that every PRO use. Get to know Secret FL Tools to make Dark & Memorable melodies. No more guessing and hitting random notes.

2. Beat Making & Psychology

From Choosing Instruments & Samples to Hacking the Psychology behind Global Top-Chart Tracks. Learn to Create Repeat Factor in your tracks that no engineer wants you to know.

3. Vocal Production & Arrangement

A MUST if you want to work with artists. Learn Industry-Level Processing Chains & make any vocal punch through the mix. Get to know the formulas behind arrangements that simply WORK.

4. Mixing & Mastering + REPEAT!

That’s the part which you don’t want to fall behind at. We show you exactly how to use all the techniques you learn on your own productions. No more doubt & confusion.

Track we Produce together:

We are Producing this Track from start to finish – from sketching the ideas, choosing the best instruments & mixing the vocals to best arrangement hacks that keep your listeners engaged. You will learn advanced techniques, shortcuts and what elements lead to professional & hard hitting mixes.


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