Production Music Live Harmony Bundle 2022

Production Music Live Harmony Bundle 2022

About the Harmony Bundle

How can you stand out as a producer? It starts with a solid foundation in music theory. If your melodies, chord changes or arrangements are bad, your music will be bad, no matter how good your other producing skills are. This bundle includes 3 courses covering all the foundations of music theory.

These courses are designed for electronic music producers – we are going to take the perspective of someone working inside a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – like Logic, Ableton Live, FL Studio.

You Will Learn to:

  •  Finish More Tracks Faster: escape the 8-bar loop, understand modern arrangements that excite listeners from beginning to end.
  •  Write amazing chord progressions: chords, scales, from the basics to complex progressions.
  •  Create Original Melodies: learn the process for making melodies that capture listeners’ attention
  • + Much More

What You Get

  •  Course: Better Arrangements
  •  Course: Harmony & Chord Progressions
  •  Course: How To Write Melodies
  •  BONUS: MIDI Complete Pack – 950+ Midi Files


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