PML Full Mixing Course from Start to Finish in FL Studio

PML Full Mixing Course from Start to Finish in FL Studio

Full FL Studio

MIxing Course

  • Over +6 hours of pure knowledge – advanced mixing Trap & EDM House.
  • Including industry level vocal production.
  • Get to the Next LevelNow.

Welcome, this is what you will learn:

Did you ever feel like your mixes aren’t ready for major labels yet? Or maybe you’re already trained mixing engineer who needs to structure their knowledge and learn the shortcuts for amazing mixes?
After talking with hundreds of our students & listening to thousands of tracks we’ve put together
complete formula to achieve industry level mixes.
In this +6 hours long course we show you step by step Everything you need to know
& learn to achieve top chart ready tracks.

Balance Your Tracks

Learn all the necessary steps to make your tracks bang on every system and every volume! No more Louder = Better ilusions, no more relying on luck! You will know exactly what to do next.

Find & Fix the Problems

Get to know all major problems that 90% failing musicians do. You control the music & mixes you make, no the other way around. Get to know how to get the powerful & full sound that will astonish everybody.

Apply Advanced Tehniques

We share with you everything that our team have learned thorugh decades of production & engineering. Get to know secrets & formulas for amazing sound – straight from Top Tier Producers.


Professionalist is defined by repeating processes with the same great results.
Learn to apply what you learn to your own tracks – every time. We explain & show examples so you know exactly how to use them in your own way.



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