Novel Music Aisles harmonic arpeggiator for Max for Live

Novel Music Aisles harmonic arpeggiator for Max for LiveAisles is a MIDI Max for Live harmonic arpeggiator that creates complex and evolving melodic patterns with ease. With five independent sequencer lanes and various quantization options, Aisles can produce a wide variety of textures, from chaotic ratchets to bouncy grooves! The device ships with 8 presets, full documentation, and native support for Push.


Aisles is a generative music dream machine! When a chord is fed into the device, every note moves at its own speed in relation to the root note/pulse. As a result, each pitch moves through the five sequencer lanes independently, creating evolving sequences built on harmonic ratios from the overtone series.

Leads and Basslines

With every note running at its own unique rate, Aisles can spice up your monophonic melody or bassline by injecting it with stuttering rhythms or quantized grooves.


Create unique rhythmic patterns from harmonies! Define a new kind of backbeat for your productions through various combinations of the five onboard sequencer lanes.

Bird’s Eye View

The All lane provides you with an overview of all five sequencer lane loop braces and directions.

System Requirements
Ableton Live Suite 11.1 and Up


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