Mixwave Jay Weinberg KONTAKT

Mixwave Jay Weinberg KONTAKT

The most aggressive sounding drum library.

Jay Weinberg is a true creative to the core. From the imagery he portrays in his paintings, to the ferociousness of his drumming style, he has found ways to seamlessly merge his artistic outlets by incorporating his visual art on his drums.

Since joining heavy metal titans SLIPKNOT in 2013, Jay has proven to be one of the most energetic drummers in the genre, and is the driving force behind some of the most sought-after drum tones. He is completely novel of his craft, and we have ensured that every element of his signature drum library lives up to it.

With no detail overlooked, we have created a comprehensive and dynamic virtual instrument that accurately captures Jay in every aspect of his creative world.

Introducing, MixWave: Jay Weinberg.

As mixed as it gets
Access the mix-ready sound of Jay’s signature SJC Custom drum kit in ways that you’ve never heard before.

Featuring his 8-piece kit including 4 kick drums with multiple beater options, 9 snares, 5 toms, and a huge array of 15 cymbals — each and every sample captured by Jay himself and mixed at MixWave Studios.

Complete control
Go from completely raw samples to mix-ready drums with one click using the fully featured and intuitive mixer-style interface.

Dial in pre-mixed reverbs, FX, or the additional built-in master channel fx including a compressor, EQ, and tape saturation.

…and more

With an extensive amount of features, tools, and controls, MixWave: Jay Weinberg can live up to any task.


Jay Weinberg.part1.rar – 2.9 GB
Jay Weinberg.part2.rar – 2.9 GB
Jay Weinberg.part3.rar – 2.9 GB
Jay Weinberg.part4.rar – 2.9 GB
Jay Weinberg.part5.rar – 2.9 GB
Jay Weinberg.part6.rar – 2.9 GB
Jay Weinberg.part7.rar – 823.2 MB


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